About Us

Our cat CEO, Meow Meow is a sassy fashionista and a part time model. During product testing, she loves to paw the bow ties around, especially the ones with sparkly charms or bells. When Meow Meow starts her photoshoot, she loves to try on different bow ties and bandanas. At Purr&Co., we aim to create luxurious, high end products essential for every aspiring model.

Back in the days when Meow Meow first became an Instagram model, she would wear various bow ties and bandanas from major pet supply stores. However, the products’ size, quality, and designs were just not up to our expectations. Not only were there few fabric choices to consider, the product styles were all very similar. It didn’t feel exciting to shop for pet accessories, even though it should be.

Thus, we decided to launch Purr&Co., a luxury pet store that sells beautiful handmade pet accessories. Every one of our items is carefully crafted with love. Our attention to details and love for animals guarantee our customers an exciting shopping experience and truly exquisite products. Our goal is simply to offer beautiful, luxurious, and stylish pet accessories. All our bow ties are made with the iconic Purr&Co. triple folds. Our charm bow ties have hand-sewn charms in the center of the bows and our flower bandanas come with beautiful fabric floral attachments.

At Purr&Co., we value high quality workmanship and we care about the satisfaction of our customers. But more than anything, we believe that animals should be loved and pampered unconditionally. Here are our promises to you:

Handmade in the USA

We are a small local business located in one of the most fashionable cities - New York City. Every product is made locally in the USA under Meow Meow’s close supervision. All our items are handmade with love and crafted with the highest attention to every detail.

Quality over Quantity

All our products are made in small batches. Many of our items are limited quantities. We believe in quality over quantity and would rather take the time to perfect every detail than to create more products.

Profit to No-Kill Shelters

We believe in giving back to the pet community that has supported us. Many of our furry friends live in terrible conditions that they do not deserve. If we can save a life, we will. Certain items, such as our pet portraits, are 100% profit to no-kill shelter. A part of our bow tie and bandana sales will also be donated. Our profits will be donated annually to a no-kill shelter of our customers’ choice. Our first round of donations will be on Meow Meow’s next birthday, April 13th 2020.